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Girls In Quantum

Girls in Quantum is an organisation committed to fostering inspiration, education, and global connections among the next generation of quantum leaders. Our core objective is to create inclusive spaces where students can delve deeper into quantum computing while providing them with the essential resources to actively engage in the industry, thus empowering the next generation of quantum leaders. 

One of our central missions is to bridge the gender gap prevalent in STEM fields. Girls in Quantum is dedicated to providing a supportive platform for female students to pursue careers in quantum technology and related disciplines.

In addition to addressing gender disparities, we also focus on bridging language barriers and promoting global collaboration. We understand that quantum computing is a global endeavour, and to this end, we aim to connect students and professionals from diverse backgrounds. Our initiatives facilitate the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experiences across borders, enabling individuals worldwide to participate in the quantum revolution.

Throughout the year, we have undertaken a series of global projects to fulfil our mission. These initiatives include the launch of an introductory book tailored for beginners in the quantum field, a series of informative webinars, the establishment of a comprehensive research program, and more. These efforts collectively contribute to our vision of nurturing a diverse, inclusive, and globally connected quantum community where everyone, can thrive and contribute their talents to this pioneering field.

Le Lab Quantique

Le Lab Quantique is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote quantum technologies in France and internationally. It currently has over 50 member organizations. In order to create synergies between public and academic actors, large groups and startups, Le Lab Quantique organizes events, produces content and runs the first French Maison du Quantique.

The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) 

The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) is a new research institution funded through UKRI, which is dedicated to accelerating the development of quantum computing by addressing the challenges of scalability. Working with partners across industry, government and the research community, the NQCC is creating the necessary R&D capabilities through the coordination and delivery of a technical programme, alongside the commissioning and operation of new facilities. The programme will deliver assured quantum computing capability, enabling the UK to remain internationally competitive. The centre will be headquartered in a purpose-built facility at the STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Campus in Oxfordshire, which is due for completion in 2023.


In 2019, the Royal Society described QURECA Ltd. as the company that “fills the gaps in the existing quantum community, creating a society ready for quantum through a common language.”

QURECA Ltd. provides a range of professional services, business development, and the solution to the quantum workforce skills bottleneck: the first online platform for quantum training and resourcing, to support individuals and businesses to be part of the quantum revolution.